Use Value

Use Value is a very simple idea that is synonymous with utility, that is, is an object useful in some way? These can be man made,such as hammers, or natural, such as sticks found in the woods to be used for a fire. Things like films and video games are useful because they satisfy psychological wants and needs. Digital content such as user created modifications for video games are typically not made for the purposes of exchange, and serve strictly to offer certain improvements and additions on an existing product for  Additionally, items that have value are those that aren’t made or gathered necessarily for the purpose of being exchanged. However, for an item to have exchange value, it must have a use value, otherwise it has no value even if you spent many hours working from it. So if you spent hours baking a pie made of mud and dung, it would fundamentally have no value because it’s not something anybody could conceivably want. Nobody would purchase it via barter or money, or if it was offered for free, even use it all. LVT still underpins use value since even if they are naturally occurring items, such as mushrooms, they still require human effort in the form of physical and/or mental exertion to acquire. If you made a video game, but the technical quality of the game is so dysfunctional on the machines it was designed for that nobody can reasonably play it properly, then it has no use value no matter how much effort was put into creating it.