Ways to make money at KW

At KW, we offer our agents many opportunities to enhance their incomes through a multitude of revenue streams.

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KW offers royalties to agents who develop and publish training materials, books and other resources.

Coaching and training
Agents can become coaches and trainers within KW to assist with training new agents

Speaking engagements
KW agents who are experts in their field can earn additional income by speaking at conferences, events and other engagements.

Sales Commission
As a real estate agent,commissions earned from selling property for clients is the most obvious revenue stream.

Property Management
KW offers property management services, which offers agents a steady stream of passive income.

Some agents use their knowledge of the real estate market to capitalize on opportunities for their own property investments

Commercial real estate
KW has a commercial real estate division that provides agents with opportunities

Standard referrals
KW has a referral program that enables agents to earn a fee by referring clients to other KW agents

International referrals
KW’s global presences allows agents to income by referring clients to other KW agents overseas

Ancillary services
KW offers a variety of additional services, which include mortgage lending, title services and home warranty programs. Agents can earn a referral fee by referring clients to these service

Profit share
KW has a profit sharing model, allowing agents to earn a percentage of profits generated by their market center

Team building
Agents can build a team of agents to work for them and receive a percentage of their team’s commissions.