Much like the courses offered at KW, we also offer some applications to those wanting to build their real estate brand with KW. Through the Command management system and Marketplace, KW can help you quickly kickstart the set up of your real estate brand. With these ready made computer systems and assets, you have more time to focus on buying and selling property, building your brand and of course, making money.


KW Command is designed to be a comprehensive pipeline management system for your real estate business that will take care of leads, listings, deals & sales from end to end. We’re not just talking about the CRM, we’re talking about a system that can potentially handle all your business processes! So that your team and you can focus on person-to-person interactions to build relationships that will boost business.


Think of the KW Marketplace as your Keller Cloud store. In the Marketplace, you can purchase products and subscriptions that can take your real estate business to the next level. There are products that integrate with Command, products you can use outside of KW platforms, services and training for agents, admins and Market Center Leadership, and much more.