When you join a Keller Williams market center, there are certain expectations you should be prepared to meet. These expectations may vary depending on the specific market center and the team leader.

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Keller Williams provides extensive training and education opportunities for its agents. You should expect to attend these sessions regularly to develop your skills and knowledge.

As a representative of Keller Williams, you are expected to act professionally and ethically at all times. This includes treating clients, colleagues, and competitors with respect and honesty.

Most market centers have production goals that agents are expected to meet. These goals may be based on the number of transactions completed, the volume of sales, or other metrics. It is important to understand the expectations for your market center and work towards meeting or exceeding them.

Market centers often have events and activities to build camaraderie among agents and support staff. You should be prepared to participate in these activities and contribute to the office culture.

Collaboration and teamwork are highly valued at Keller Williams. You should be prepared to work with your colleagues and contribute to the success of the team and the market center as a whole.