Not only does KW offer a range of self paced courses or technologies to assist in supporting your real estate journey, there are also a range of regular events ranging from networking, professional development, team building, allowing you to further build your brand.

Here are a few more events that you can attend to boost your knowledge and sales.

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Family Reunion

A Family Reunion is an annual convention where agents from all over the world come together to network, attend classes, and learn from industry experts.

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Mega Camp

The Mega Camp is an annual event for agents to learn from top producers, attend breakout sessions, and network with other agents.

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Agent Leadership Council (ALC) Events

Agent Leadership Council (ALC) events are local events organized by the ALC in each market center, providing agents with training, education, and networking opportunities.

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Masterminds are small group meetings where agents can discuss challenges, share ideas, and learn from each other.

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Keller Williams offers a variety of webinars on various topics, such as lead generation, social media marketing, and negotiation skills.

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Training Classes

Keller Williams offers a range of training classes on topics such as sales, marketing, technology, and leadership.

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Charity Events

Keller Williams encourages agents to give back to their communities and offers various opportunities to do so, such as charity runs, food drives, and volunteering at local organizations.

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Team-building Events

Many market centers organize team-building events such as bowling nights, golf outings, and happy hours to help agents build relationships and have fun together.