Essay (Peer Assessed)

Write an essay, up to 2000 words, where you will answer the following questions:
1) What is fascism (or nazism) and what evidence supports this definition?
2) Based on this definition, to what extent do you think fascism/Nazism is relevant in the modern world?

We encourage you to engage in discussion with your peers once completing your essay, and to assess your peers using the marking rubric provided. 

Tip Box
Make sure to check the bibliography for this module as a starting point for your research in this task

Marking Rubric

Non applicableWell below expected levelBelow expected levelAt expected levelAbove expected levelWell above expected level
Spelling and grammarN/AA severe amount of spelling and grammatical errors that make it very difficult to understand the work at a basic level.A moderate to high degree of spelling and grammatical errors that notably diminish or confuse the meaning and clarity of the work.A low-moderate amount of spelling and/or grammatical errors, that do not significantly diminish the intended meaning or clarity of the work.High level of spelling and grammar, with few errors that do not diminish the intended meaning of the work.Perfect spelling and grammar with no errors to be found.
Expression & ArgumentationN/AWork is practically incomprehensibleWeak argumentation and expressionAdequate and somewhat compelling argumentation and expressionClear,compelling and somewhat nuanced argumentation and expressionClear,nuanced and highly sophisticated argumentation and expression
Conceptual and theoretical understanding N/AFails to demonstrate any relevant understanding at allDemonstrates some understanding of key concepts and ideasDemonstrates an adequate understanding of key concepts and ideasDemonstrates a high level of understanding of key ideas and conceptsDemonstrates a sophisticated and highly developed understanding of key concepts and ideas
Research & EvidenceN/ALittle to no evidence of any independent or original research and if there is, it is of exceedingly poor quality (eg; overreliance on wikipedia), poor integration of any research that is evident.Some evidence of original research, but is either of low quality and/or falls below expected minimum requirements; messy integration of research.Evidence of appropriate research that meets the minimum requirements and is appropriately integrated.Evidence of some independent, original and decent to high quality research beyond the minimum requirements and is well integrated.Evidence of significant original, independent and high quality research that goes well beyond minimum requirements and is well integrated.
PresentationN/AVery low quality and poor, or highly dysfunctional  use of the chosen format; sequence and structure lacks coherence and categorically fails to meet minimum requirements. Functional but barely competent use of chosen format, sequence and structure is lacking in coherence and fails to meet some minimum requirements of the task.Competent and functional use of the chosen format with clear sequence and structure; acceptably meets minimum requirements.High quality and interesting use of chosen format with good sequence and structure; meets and exceeds minimum requirements. Sophisticated and highly compelling use of the chosen format; excellent sequence and structure; meets and exceeds minimum requirements.