At KW, there are a multitude of courses available to real estate professionals in our network. These courses range from professional development programs, goal setting, exam preparation and more. Whether you’re relatively new or a highly experienced real estate professional, we highly recommend taking advantage of these courses to elevate your business potential.

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This is a more advanced training program for experienced agents that focuses on mindset, productivity, and business strategies to help agents take their career to the next level.

This is a training program designed for new and experienced agents that covers key skills such as lead generation, communication, negotiation, and closing techniques. It’s designed to help agents build a solid foundation for success in their career.

KPA – Keller Williams Personality Assessment
This is a personality test that helps agents understand their strengths and weaknesses, as well as how to work more effectively with clients and team members who have different personality types.

DISC – Personality Test
This is another personality assessment tool that helps agents understand their behavioral styles and how they can adapt to work more effectively with different types of clients and colleagues.

Goal Setting
This course helps agents identify and set goals for their business and personal life, and provides tools and strategies to help achieve those goals.

Blueprint Checklist
This is a tool that helps agents track their progress and stay on track with their business goals. It provides a comprehensive checklist of tasks and activities that agents can use to build and grow their business.

The Big Why
This is a training program that helps agents identify their personal and professional goals and motivators. It’s designed to help agents build a clear vision of what they want to achieve in their career and create a plan to get there.

This training program is designed for agents who are interested in building and leading a team. It covers topics such as recruiting, training, and managing team members, as well as developing a leadership mindset.

Career Visioning
This course focuses on helping agents identify and recruit talented individuals for their team, using a proven system for identifying the right fit.

6 Personal Perspectives
This course focuses on six key areas of an agent’s life: spiritual, physical, family, financial, intellectual, and business. It helps agents assess where they currently are in each area and create a plan to improve and achieve balance.

These are online learning platforms designed to help prepare agents for their real estate licensing exams. KScore is a free assessment tool that measures an agent’s readiness for the exam, while KWPrep is a paid online course that includes instructional videos, practice exams, and other resources to help agents pass their licensing exam.